To touch

the Cultural Heritage

With our tactile devices can discover the cultural heritage with a touch of your fingertips


The Culture is

accessible for everyone

Hi-storia devices are designed
for blind users.
To listen the audio informations,
just touch the surface of the devices!

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Cultural heritage
and new technologies

With “Hi-Storia didactic workshops”
students produce a tactile audio guide
of a monument in their city.
Will discover art, 3D printing and electronic prototyping.

in your school!

To touch the cultural heritage

Avec les dispositifs interactifs hi-Storia on peut connaître l’histoire des monuments



Tactile devices

Hi-Storia produce 3D models of historic buildings and art works, with a special technology that allows users to access multimedia content with the touch of a finger.



App for smartphones and PCs

Use the Hi-Storia devices with your smartphone or on a totem, select the language and explores the audio interactive content on the monument you are visiting.


Enhancement of cultural heritage

Hi-Storia uses new technologies to promote the world’s cultural heritage and involves cultural professionals, makers and schools in crowdsourced projects on the territory.

Device portfolio

Products and services

Tactile devices

The tactile device is an innovative tool for the enhancement of cultural heritage. It is a 3D printed reproduction of a monument; on the surface of the print they are placed capacitive sensors that activate the multimedia content with the touch of fingers.

Tactile devices provide a simple and immediate understanding of cultural heritage and are accessible to blind and partially sighted persons, but they are also usable to the visually impaired, allowing socialization between able-bodied and disabled.

Interactive maps

The interactive maps are made up of a board that reproduces the plan of a city, and 3D models representing the main monuments. The aim of the game is to place correctly the monuments on the map, following the clues offered from the mobile application.

The interactive map is an innovative device which will deliver cultural content in a simple and fun way. Ideal for children and students!

The modular devices

The modular devices are constituted by a series of architectural elements to be assembled; aim of the game is to correctly answer questions from time to time by placing a piece on the base, until the completion of the 3D model representing the historic building.

The modular devices are suitable for children and young people of school age, ideal for educational laboratories at school or in museum institutions.

Educational workshops

The hi-Storia team organizes educational workshops in schools and universities, designed to produce an interactive device of a local monument.

During the lessons, students design the device, write the descriptive texts of the monument, record audio tracks and work on 3D modeling and printing, electronic prototyping and coding.

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